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changing up the menu for your wedding reception

Are you planning your wedding? Do you want to serve food at your reception that is not often served at weddings? So many brides choose from the same old menu and serve the same foods as they have seen at weddings in the past. If you want to serve your guests something that they will walk away talking about, it is time to consider changing things up a bit. To get a few new ideas about what a caterer can prepare for your wedding reception, visit my website. There, you will find examples of delicious dinners that are not often served at weddings.

3 Ways To Determine Whether Your Business’s Customers Like Your Food

22 June 2015
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If you own a business that sells a lot of food, the satisfaction of your customers is an important thing to maintain. Even if your business is something like a movie theater that has a main focus apart from food, it doesn't always take much to drive your customers away to your competitors. To help you with determining what your business's customers think about your food, try these three ways. Read More …

How To Save Oil And The Environment With Your Fryer

14 April 2015
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Fryers are energy-intensive devices, and people also tend to use a lot of resources when cooking with them. As a result, it's useful to find ways to make your fryer more eco-friendly wherever you can. If you're looking for ways to have a more environmentally friendly fryer in your kitchen, here are a few of your options. Oil Quality Sensor This is a part you can get for a fryer, such as a Frymaster. Read More …