Great Tips For A Fantastic 16th Birthday Party

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Great Tips For A Fantastic 16th Birthday Party

6 June 2016
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Are you the parent or guardian of a child who is about to turn 16? Do you want to make sure that they have an epic party to commemorate the occasion? If you're not in the habit of planning large parties, planning one for your child can seem overwhelming at first. Making a great party doesn't have to be impossible, especially if you follow a few simple rules. Here are some tips to making sure that your child gets the best birthday party possible:

Food: While it can be difficult for a parent to think about, a child who is turning 16 is almost an adult. Now they'll be able to get their driver's license and drive themselves and their friends around. Although you could celebrate this fact with home cooked food or fast food, few things say grown up party quite like having the food catered. A good catering service will be able to give you a list of options that teenagers will love. Not all teenagers would appreciate lemongrass chicken or beef Bourguignon, but there are plenty of dishes that they would like. When you talk to the catering service, make sure that your child gets to be in on the decision-making process. He or she will know best what his or her friends would like to eat, meaning that you won't be paying for food that doesn't get eaten.

Fun: You might think that things like bouncy castles and foam dart gun battles are still fun, but your child probably wants something to show his or her friends that he or she isn't a little child anymore. One fun activity that your child's friends may enjoy is a dance contest. In addition to the catering service, you'd have to hire a DJ to play the necessary music. The prize for the winner could be something as simple as a small gift card to a nearby store. If your child is a more quiet type, a murder mystery plot might be a more appropriate activity for your child and his or her friends.

Dessert: You simply can't have a birthday party without some kind of cake and dessert. You could choose to have the catering service make a cake for the party, but there's nothing wrong with getting a good cake from a local bakery or an ice cream cake from a local ice cream parlor. If anyone can't have cake due to dietary restrictions, you may want to have a smaller cake or even cupcakes with a sweets bar. Various hard, chewy, and chocolate candies can be set in bowls around the cake or cupcakes. This allows the kids to top their cake or cupcakes with candy or to simply get candy all by itself.