Grilling Barbecue Tofu So Good That Anyone Will Love It

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Grilling Barbecue Tofu So Good That Anyone Will Love It

14 April 2016
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You're a vegetarian, but you want to host barbecues in the back yard this summer. How can you and other vegetarian friends of yours enjoy the delicious taste of barbecue without giving up your vegetarian beliefs? By mastering the subtle art of grilling barbecue tofu.

Tools And Ingredients

Before beginning, it's worth gathering up all of your tools and ingredients. There don't need very many, which is one of the best things about this recipe. All you need are:

  • Cutting board
  • Paper towels
  • Large bowl
  • Heavy can
  • Container of tofu
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Flavoring you want to add to the sauce
  • Cooking knife
  • Grill
  • Vegetables you plan on cooking with the tofu

Press The Tofu

After you buy medium-to-highly firm tofu, you're going to want to press it to eliminate the water. This is necessary for cooking any successful tofu meal. Start by folding a paper towel in half and placing it on your cutting board. Put the tofu on the towels and then add another layer of towels on top of the tofu.

Placing your bowl on top of the tofu, you place your heavy can in the bowl to press it down. Let the tofu sit in this way for 15 minutes and then slice into thick strips that are easy to handle and marinade. If you like, you can cube the strips for easier grilling.

Marinating It In Sauce

After pressing your tofu, you are ready to marinate it in your sauce to give it a nice kick. Marinating tofu differs very little from marinating meats and requires the following steps:

  • Pour your barbecue sauce in your large bowl until it is about a quarter full
  • Add any other flavoring (such as liquid smoke) to the barbecue sauce
  • Place the tofu in the bowl and mix it with the sauce so that every piece is fully covered
  • Wrap the bowl with plastic wrap and place in a fridge for 30 minutes

Cooking On A Grill For "Smokey" Flavor

Once your tofu is done marinating in your favorite barbecue sauce mixture, you can grill it to give it the true BBQ flavor. Try to grill it, if possible, over a wood or charcoal grill. This will give it a nice "smokey" flavor that will make it perfect for any dish you can imagine. Try grilling it with peppers and other vegetables for a true BBQ delight.

However, if you don't have a charcoal or wood grill, you can emulate the effect with a gas grill. There are a few ways to do that. Perhaps the easiest is turning your heat up to high to emulate the high heat that comes from grilling with wood or coals. You can also throw a bit of tinfoil over top of the tofu to trap some of the heat.

By mastering this vegetarian barbecue recipe, you can please just about anyone at your next cookout. If you cook it right, the meat eaters in your life won't even notice the difference. But imagine the look on their face when they do take a bite.