3 Ways To Determine Whether Your Business's Customers Like Your Food

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3 Ways To Determine Whether Your Business's Customers Like Your Food

22 June 2015
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If you own a business that sells a lot of food, the satisfaction of your customers is an important thing to maintain. Even if your business is something like a movie theater that has a main focus apart from food, it doesn't always take much to drive your customers away to your competitors. To help you with determining what your business's customers think about your food, try these three ways.

Set Up An Anonymous Feedback Box

While most customers won't bother to put a message into an anonymous feedback box, it's a good way to gauge extreme opinions. The more disgruntled a particular customer is because of your food, the greater chance of you getting a message in the box. Conversely, customers who are very impressed by your food and service will likely want to encourage the practice through a message.

If you decide to set up a feedback box, always keep it anonymous. If you don't consciously exclude a line for a name on your customer feedback cards, many people will be discouraged from saying their opinion due to privacy concerns.

Ask Customers About Their Experience Right As They're About To Leave

If you ask customers about your food just as they're eating it, many will feel pressured to say more positive things than they otherwise would to appease you. On the other hand, if you save asking direct questions until your customers are just about to leave your business, candid feedback will be more frequent.

This is because your customers will have an easy out after the conversation. No one wants to sit in a restaurant or a bar for an hour or more after they've potentially offended the owner.

Don't Automatically Discount Anonymous Online Reviews

Many good businesses suffer from undeserved negative online reviews. But especially if you've been burned by anonymous commentators in the past, it's important to not get jaded about online feedback.

If you see several negative but level-headed reviews on a review website that mention the same details about your business, there's a good chance that you've found something you can improve. While it's important to steel yourself against baseless insults toward yourself and your business, this doesn't mean you should completely shut out constructive criticism that focuses on concrete issues.

Even if you're making a lot of money now, fads and preferences can change quickly. If you want to secure your business's future viability, it's extremely important to keep track of what customers are thinking about your products. If you're looking for food services to help out your business, click here.