How To Save Oil And The Environment With Your Fryer

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How To Save Oil And The Environment With Your Fryer

14 April 2015
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Fryers are energy-intensive devices, and people also tend to use a lot of resources when cooking with them. As a result, it's useful to find ways to make your fryer more eco-friendly wherever you can. If you're looking for ways to have a more environmentally friendly fryer in your kitchen, here are a few of your options.

Oil Quality Sensor

This is a part you can get for a fryer, such as a Frymaster. It can be used in either an electric or a gas fryer, and it has a number of benefits, especially for the environment. This part continually monitors oil in the machine to confirm what its current level of quality is. Specifically, it measures something called total polar materials, which is a way of telling how used up and old your cooking oil is.

If the oil becomes too used up and old, your fryer will become highly inefficient. It will take more electricity or gas to produce the same results. This is wasteful and damaging to the environment. However, with an oil quality sensor you will know exactly when it's time to replace the oil. Additionally, you won't throw the old oil away too soon when it's still good, which would also be wasteful.

"Oil-Free" Fryer

Another approach to making your frying more eco-friendly is to use an oil-free "air fryer." This type of fryer doesn't use absolutely zero oil, but it uses an incredibly small amount. Most of the work is done using electricity and a powerful fan. Essentially it uses the same process that a convection oven uses. The difference is that this air fryer flash-fries food by operating much more quickly. The fryer uses an open format so that the air can flow above and below it rapidly.

The fryer can cook something like chicken tenders in just 15 minutes. So it's true that the air fryer will take a little longer than a standard fryer, but by many accounts it will be just as effective. And it can do all of this while using no more than a tablespoon of oil.

It's important to remember that vegetable oil can also be bad for the environment in much the same way that petroleum oil is by leaving traces of carbon that linger in the air after being burned. These approaches can help make sure you minimize this effect while frying as well. For more information, contact a company like K & D Factory Service Inc.